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I ran a 5k and all I got was this Lousy medal

Our Lousy Medals

I love getting mail.  Especially when that mail isn’t a bill or junk.  Nothing gets me jumping for joy like some new running bling.  I was so excited that it took me 3 days to mellow out enough to find the fine motor skills needed to open the envelope from the Lousy 5k virtual race.  I was just expecting a really lousy medal.  Instead I got two lousy medals.  And here I thought I’d have to wait another whole year before Christmas came around again.

As part of their fund-raising efforts, the ladies at Team Epton and Run Faster, Mommy hosted a virtual 5k last month.  “What exactly is a virtual 5k?”, you ask.  The way it worked was that folks from all over donated money (the race fee) to their Team in Training fundraising efforts and pledged to run a 5k on December 17th.  Almost 200 people took part in this “race.”  Our reward, a lousy medal.

Wonder Pup and I after her first 5k

So how was I so lucky to get not one but two medals?  I had a little running buddy to race with me.  Last summer, I adopted a German Shepherd puppy that loves to run.  One day, I hope to take her along to some of my races, but that will have to wait when until she learns that small children are not chew toys.  When I was asked to run this race, I was excited that it was the perfect opportunity to let her run her first 5k.  So Wonder Pup and I set off on that cold December morning for her farthest run yet.  You know she’s my dog when she barely knows the meaning of sit, but understands run and race perfectly.  And race she did.  3.1 miles in 26:05.  Not bad for only 6 months old.   To commemorate her first 5k, the wonderful ladies at the Lousy 5k were sweet enough to have a special dog tag made up for her with her name and the race info on the back.  Now to start searching for a medal holder to hang above her crate to show off her new race hardware.

Wonder Pup showing off her race bling


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  1. That’s adorable!!

    2012/01/15 at 8:11 am

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