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Just Say No….

Hi, I’m that girl from Dirty Girl Running and I’m an addict.  A racing addict that is.  I have a racing bucket list on Pinterest.  Anytime I hear a race brought up in conversation, I make a mental note to google it the first chance I get.  If a friend asks me to do a race with them, if I’m not already racing that weekend, I’m there.  If one race series wasn’t enough, I’m doing three this year.  I collect race hardware like most girls collect handbags and shoes.  So how did I come to the conclusion that I have a problem?

Exhibit A – In a recent conversation with a former roommate that is now residing in Boston:
Roomie:  You should come out here sometime.  Bring the kid along so I can finally meet her.
Me: I might be coming to see you in the next few years.  My last half marathon time put me on pace for a Boston qualifying time.  It’ll probably be a few years before I can qualify and then a few more years after that until I can get in, but hopefully within the next five years I’ll be able to head out there.
Roomie: Or you could just come out here to come out here…..

Exhibit B – Within 5 minutes of hearing that the Myrtle Beach Marathon and Half marathon were still looking for pacers, I was on looking at airfare and seeing if it was feasible.  It wasn’t.  I was seriously bummed.  I will still be emailing to get my list on the name for next year though.

Exhibit C – A few friends in Michigan were recently discussing getting together at a trail race in Western Michigan.  As soon as I saw that the medals were the size of my head, I knew I had to add this race to my to do list (yes, I get distracted easily by big shiny things).  Turns out the race is only a 4.5 hour drive across Wisconsin (and I have some friends I could easily crash with on the way in the Green Bay area) and a 3 hr ferry ride across Lake Michigan.  No need for a hotel, since I can camp out the night before.  And they feed you at the post race party.  Did I mention the size of the medals?????  The only question is, do I sign up for the half or the full marathon?  Decisions, decisions….

The list goes on and on.  Like doing the math to see if I can fit in a trail 25k before I have to be at work.  Or liking races on Facebook just so I can get a heads up when the registration fees are cheap.  I guess there are worse things I could be addicted to.  But until I find a cure, I’m going to need a bigger closet to hold all those tech tees.


One response

  1. Allyson

    Dont forget about the Gladiator Rock’n Run in Phoenix!!! 😉

    2012/01/21 at 10:22 am

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