Running Dirty. Eating Clean. Loving Life.

Conversations with a non-(trail)runner

Last week, I took to the trails of one of the local state parks despite the stormy weather.  This is the conversation that occurred between a non-runner (more than) friend and myself the next day.

Non-runner: How’d your run go last night?
Me: Awesome. It was so worth braving the storms, I had the park to myself. It was absolutely beautiful.
NR – So why did you go out running in the middle of the woods in a thunderstorm again?
Me: I’m doing a trail race out there in a few weeks and wanted to get to know the course. Glad I did. It was little more than a game trail in some places and there were a few downed trees that I had to hurdle over.
NR: Well, they’ll clear up the trees for the race, right?
Me: (Blank stare)
NR: They wouldn’t leave trees on the course for a race would they?
Me: Why would they need to do that?
NR: Isn’t it dangerous?
Me: Huh?
NR: Probably isn’t good for the race if people are breaking ankles in the middle of the woods.
Me: Oh, that’s what waivers are for.
NR: (blank stare)


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