Running Dirty. Eating Clean. Loving Life.

Home Sweet Home

Whew.  Made it back in one piece from my great Wisconsin Beer Cheese Running Tour.  I started off the week in Racine, WI visiting my sister.  I made great use of being only a few blocks from Lake Michigan and the Lake Michigan Pathway.  Got some great runs in along the lake and got the feet a little wet for a fun stride workout in the sand.  After a short trip back home to, you guessed it, run, it was back to the badger state this weekend for the Dances with Dirt Half Marathon in Baraboo.  It was an amazing race with lots of great runners, race organizers, and volunteers.  I hope to get caught up with race reports soon.  I also have a great beach workout that I’ll be working on this week and some great summer time recipes I can’t wait to share.  Happy running!!


Sunset over the Ice Age Trail near Baraboo, WI


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