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My Goals For September – August Blogging Challenge – Aug. 31st

I did it!!!  I made it the whole month!!  This is also my 100th post!!  I feel like balloons should be dropping from the ceiling as I write this.  And there should probably be champagne instead of sparkling water.  But I have a half in the morning and I will wait until I’m done with the 13.1 to celebrate.

As August ends and September begins, I’m forced to look ahead to the next month and what I hope to accomplish.  If it’s in writing, I’ll have to hold myself to them. So here it goes.

1) Focus on my marathon training.  I’ve been enjoying the summer doing some run races here and there.  Now that it’s starting to cool off and the kiddo will be starting pre-k soon, it’s time to start logging the miles.  KC will be here before I know it.

2) Keep blogging daily.  I’ve loved this challenge.  You’ll be excited to learn that Janice at the Fitness Cheerleader has posted another challenge for September.  I can’t wait to see what next month’s topics will be.  I’ve loved sharing more about myself as well as finding some amazing, inspiring blogs.

3) Build my personal training and running coaching clientele.  I have some exciting news in this department, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy.  Hopefully more to come soon 🙂

What are your goals for the next month?


Who is your fitness inspiration? – August Blogging Challenge – Aug. 30th

When I was younger, I did what all girls did. I thumbed through fashion magazines, being bombarded with picture of stick thin models that were airbrushed to perfection.  Unlike most girls, however, I had no desire to look like them.  I was an athlete. I had no desire to starve myself into being rail thin.  Thank goodness my mom  beat a healthy body image into me from the time I was an infant and my pediatrician commented that he’d never seen a child with a body type like mine.  Kate Moss I was not destined to be.

My life changed forever one day while looking at the covers of fashion magazines at the grocery store checkout.  On the cover was none other than one of my athletic idols, Gabrielle Reese.  This was my first time seeing a female athlete turned model.  Finally, a model I could relate to.  She was strong and athletic and drop dead gorgeous.  She might have been my first girl crush.

When I was pregnant with my daughter and looking for inspiration to stay in shape, there she was again.  Pregnant and still kicking ass.  And as beautiful as ever.  She still remains to be an inspiration to women looking to get fit and be healthy.

Do you workout at home or at the gym? – August Blogging Challenge – Aug. 29th

Ok, so I’m a day behind, but I have been blogging daily, so cut me a little slack.  Only a few more days in the challenge.  I can’t believe I’ve stuck with it this long.  Janice at the Fitness Cheerleader inquired in today’s post about continuing the challenge for September.  I’m definitely game.  I’ve enjoyed sharing things about myself that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.  I also loved getting to read what other  bloggers were writing and found a few new amazing blogs out there to follow.

Today’s topic is where we work out.  If you were to look up gym rat in the dictionary, my photo would be right there.  There’s just something about lifting real weights and all the machines that makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning.  Hell, I love it enough to work in one.

But my best workouts aren’t done at home or in the gym.  They’re usually on the road or trails.  As much as I love the gym, I’m fairly certain that I suffer from a severe treadmill allergy.  Alas, I am forced to do my running outside.  In the rain, snow, cold, and heat, I’d much rather take my workouts outdoors.  Besides, I’d much rather battle a snapping turtle or fox for the right of way on a path than duke it out with a cell phone talking, magazine reading, handle holding treadmill hog.


Check that off the bucket list!!

Mark this day down on your calendars folks as a day that will live in infamy.  It only took 30 years, but I did my first unassisted pull up today at the gym!!!  2 in fact!!!  The pull up has been my sworn nemesis for years (along with the rope climb).  Back in elementary and middle school I remember dreading pull up day when we did the Presidential Fitness testing.  I was that strange kid that actually looked forward to being tortured on a daily basis for few weeks by my gym teachers.  Mostly that was because it came after the dancing unit and anything was better than being subjected to boy cooties.  I would do push ups and run shuttles all day just so I didn’t have to worry about getting paired with someone who had eaten a tuna fish sandwich wrapped around a garlic clove for lunch.  But pull up day, I would have gladly faked monkey pox just to get out of class.  Sadly, I was also worried about ending my chances for a perfect attendance award at the end of the school year, so I sucked it up.  And failed miserably.  I could do the flexed arm hang for hours, but could not squeeze out one measly pull up.  Each year, I earned the highest marks in all the challenges except one.  Instead of getting the glory of the Presidential Medal, each year I had to settle for honorable mention. From that day forward, I vowed to make the pull up my bitch.

This summer, I finally started to realize that I could do it.  I’m the strongest I’ve been in years.  But I kept stalling at 30# on the assisted pull up machine at the gym.  I revved up my back and shoulder lifting routine with lots of lat pull downs, bent over rows, single arm rows, and rear delt raises.  Instead of settling for lots of reps at an embarrassingly light weight, I started banging out high weight, low rep sets.  I instilled the help of some of my friends in the military to rag on me mercilessly until I finally did one.  Feeling rather cocky today, ready to show no mercy. With a sports montage set to an 80s jock jam playing in my head, I hopped up on the bar.  Slowly lowered myself down, and then back up.  To make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I went for one more.  Inside, I was jumping up and down like mad.  Trying to play it cool, I made my way to my manager’s office where I treated her and a co-worker to my happy dance.

Now it’s time to think of a new challenge.  Any ideas????

Are You a Cardio Junkie or a Strength Junkie – August Blogging Challenge – Aug. 28th

The answer is C) All of the above.  Cardio is the peanut butter to my strength training’s jelly.  The yin to my yang.

*DISCLAIMER* – If my posts stopped making sense the last week or so, I’m slightly delirious from sleep deprivation.

I’ve always loved both.  Growing up, I was in a neighborhood where most of the kids my age were boys.  Since I wasn’t a frilly pink skirt, Barbie doll dressing kind of girl, I hung out with the guys.  I’d wrestle, catch snapping turtles (yes, us city kids caught snapping turtles too), play baseball, race bikes, shoot bottle rockets at each other, and so on.  Being told I ran/threw/hit like a girl was a serious insult.  The guilty party usually went home crying to mommy with a bloody nose.  Now if you say that to me, prepare to get chicked… and a bloody nose.  My dad had a home gym in our basement.  One of our favorite past times was to dare each other to see who could lift more.  I  wasn’t about to let myself be outdone by some boys, so I’d join in on the fun.  I’d practice on my own to make sure that I kept my title of strongest kid in the neighborhood.  My love of weights was born.

Around the same time, my elementary school would hold a mile long race for kids in 3rd-5th grades.  If you ran it in under 10 minutes, you got a pin, a ribbon, and a certificate saying you were a member of the under 10 club.  My competitive streak was already alive and well, so I accepted my challenge and enlisted the help of my dad to teach me how to run.  He would drive around the school in his truck and use the odometer to measure out a mile. He’d time me as I ran around the school, often yelling phrases that would have made Bill Bowerman proud.  So was born my love of running.


What Will I Do When I Retire? – August Blogging Challenge – Aug. 27th

Why do you Canadians always have to throw your healthcare and retirement into our American faces???  Ok, seeing how it’s an election year, I could go off on a political rant right about now, but this is a fitness and health blog.  Not a how much the government blows blog.

So assuming I’m allowed to retire and am not forced to spend my golden years as a mindless corporate drone, I intend to live it up on the $5 in social security that may be left over for me.  Ramen for everyone!!!  Oops, back to politics.  I’ll try to get back on task before I lose all but 2 of my followers.  Thank goodness both of my parents are bleeding heart liberals and love me unconditionally.

Let’s start again…

When I grow up, if my body still lets me, I’d love to be able to travel around knocking races off my bucket list.  I’d love to be able to say that I raced in all 50 states and several countries as well.  I want to be able to enjoy my old age by being fit, healthy, and happy.

If that doesn’t work out, then plan B is become a cougar.

What Do You Eat Before a Race? – August Blogging Challenge – Aug. 26th

Today’s topic from the Fitness Cheerleader is what we eat before a workout.  When I saw this was the topic for today I had to laugh.  I’d woken up to probably one of the most honest first emails I’d ever received from someone on an online dating site.  A single running male, looking for a single running female had sent me this as his “Hi how are you? Want to get know each other better?” introduction email.


How are you this evening. That is pretty awesome to find someone else that loves to run too. I really enjoy it and am learning something new everyday. I am training for an ultra right now and am finding it hard to figure what foods work for me. I ran a half this morning and tried a peanut butter on wheat bread……Ya didnt go so good. I ended up throwing up on the course today. Any advice would be appreciated.

There’s nothing sexier than gazing lovingly into your date’s eyes over wine and a nice dinner discussion GI distress.  For most women, this would be a major turn off.  However, anyone that has spent 5 minutes talking to a runner knows that we are more than open about the inner workings of our digestive system.  That wad of TP in my sports bra is not there to make my boobs look bigger.

Before most workouts, I’m pretty happy to eat whatever happens to be quick and easily accessible before a workout.  Left over Birthday cake? Sure.  Pizza and beer?  Carb loading.  But on race day, I am a little more cautious of what I eat.  My usual race day breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal with some dry toast and black coffee.  I usually eat this a few hours before my race.  I’ll snack on a banana or a bagel with peanut butter on the car or bus ride over to make sure I don’t end up starving mid race.  Lots of complex carbs to keep me fueled for the race along with fiber and caffeine to help stimulate the digestive track PRE-race.  So far, this meal has worked for me.

Post race, I still expect there to be Nutty Rolls at the finish line.