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How do you break through a plateau? – August Healthy Living/Fitness Blogger Writing Challenge – Aug. 7th

We’ve all been there.  That dreaded plateau.  Whether it be with weightloss, not being able to hit that time goal, or just getting bored with a workout, it happens.  So what do I do when I hit one?

Challenge myself 

I’ll admit, I have workout ADD.  I get bored quickly.  I need something to work towards to keep me focused.  I’ll pick a new race distance to train for.  I’ll give myself a new goal in the gym (right now, I’m working towards the ever elusive pull up).  When  I have a certain goal in mind, it keeps me motivated to keep putting that effort forth.  Days I’d normally think of just taking it off, having that workout scheduled gets me out the door.


When I start to feel burnt out, I usually sit down and re-evaluate my training and goals.  If I’ve been hitting the longer distance races hard, I make take a little time off to focus on my shorter race times.  Then there’s always that ever unpredictable life.  Sometimes you need to lower that bar just a little bit to make a goal attainable.  I’d set my sights on the Minneapolis Marathon earlier this summer.  All of a sudden, this winter and spring, I found my world in complete disarray.  I was single again, starting a new job, juggling all these other things.  Adding marathon training to the mix would have likely been the straw that broke the camel’s back.  So I downgraded to the half marathon and added in some fun races to keep me going.  There’s plenty of time to run another marathon… or 50.

Dare to be different 

Doing the same thing day in and day out gets redundant.  Some of my most motivating runs have come while on vacation.  A change in scenery can do wonder for getting over  a training hump.  I’ll check out a new class at the gym.  Change up the lifting routine.  Hit the trails.  Don’t be afraid to have a little fun.


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