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A Day in the Life – August Blogging Challenge – Aug. 19th

So what does an average day look like for me?  Honestly, I don’t even know what an average day is anymore.  Each day is a little different, with no two days ever being the same.  I like it this way.  It keeps me on my toes.  This may also explain why I get bored incredibly fast when I try to stick to some kind of routine.  I need that variety to keep me sane.  Right now, my days are far from normal.  It’s the middle of fall preseason at the high school where I am an athletic trainer.  These are the longest two weeks of my year.  I’m also still training and doing my running coaching job in the evenings and on weekends.  I’ve forgotten the meaning of free time already.  But during the school year, things mellow out a bit and a typical day may go something like this…. 

It’s exactly like this. Only not really.


6:30-7:00 am – I’m thrown out of a deep slumber by the shouts of “Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmy!!  It’s morning!!!!!!  Wake up!!!!!!!!!  I’m hungry!!!!!!!!!”  coming from about 2 inches in front of my face.  I try to hit snooze, but unfortunately, my child didn’t come with one of those buttons.  I try beg and plead with her to come cuddle with me for a minute, but she would rather watch cartoons on Netflix.  I bribe her with Angry Birds on my phone.  This sometimes buys me another 15-20 minutes of beauty sleep.  If not, I stumble downstairs, let the dog out, feed that cats that are starving even though one of them unscrewed the top of the food canister in the middle of the night and both have been helping themselves to all you can eat kibble (no really, I’ve seen him do it. It’s actually quite impressive.  He’s got “righty tighty, lefty loose-y” down better than I do), make the kid some breakfast and plop her in front of the tv so I can get started on work emails (ie – checking Facebook) or doze off on the couch for a little longer.

8:00ish – realize that it’s time to leave for school and we’re both in our pjs still.  Make a mad dash to finish getting ready while being yelled at because her tv show isn’t over yet.  Fight over shoes or because her clothes don’t match perfectly.  Hey, I thought that tutu looked pretty good with the yellow stripped leggings, but her fashion sense is much more refined than mine.  She also makes sure I’m presentable before leaving the house.  We make a mad dash to the preschool.

8:30 – Mad dash down the hallway to get her to class on time.  Apologize for being late, but hey, it was only the 2nd time this week.  Nevermind that it’s Tuesday.

8:35 -11:30 – Try to figure out just how I will spend the next 3 hours of child-less bliss.  This time is usually spent somehow working out related.  Yes, I’m that mom that drops her kid off at school in my little running shorts or yoga pants.  I really don’t own any other clothes.  If I’m not meeting a client for a training session, I’ll get a run in or head to the gym myself to get in a nice long workout.  I will also spend the last 30-45 minutes of this time in the shower.  Alone.  Without any interruptions.  Heaven.

11:30 – 2:30 – Pick the kiddo up from school and go home for lunch.  If I didn’t make it to the gym that morning, I may take he with me and drop her off at the day care.  Some days I have clients over my lunch.  We wing it.  At some point I stop by my dog sitting client’s place and let her dog out to use the bathroom.  I fight with her for a bit to take a nap before giving up and letting her sit in her room and play while I get some work done or take a nap of my own.

3:00 – 9:00 – Head to the high school to take care of my kids with owies.  If there aren’t any games, I’m out of there at 5:30 and head down to the Y to teach my running classes and torture some more clients.  If there is a game, I’ll stick around at the school until 9:00 or so praying that it’s warm and dry and no one dies. 

9:30 – Get home to find that my mom is just now sitting the kiddo down to dinner.  After 4 years, you’d think that she’d remember bedtime is between 7:30 and 8:30.  But she’s free and family, so I can’t fire her.  Spend the next half hour trying to get my 4-year-old to sit at the table and eat.  Duct tape Bribery fixes everything. 

10:00 – Kick Grandma out of my house so I can finally start the bedtime routine.  It must be followed to the T or we risk World War III.  Stuffed animals must be arranged in alphabetical order by their genus and species.  PJs must match.  Kitty pillow has to be bell up with his head facing due north.  The cats are not allowed to look at her while she is getting ready.  They however, find this wildly entertaining and I think it’s the highlight of their day.

10:30 – Kid is asleep before her head even hits the pillow.  Time to relax.  Grab a snack and a beer.  Plop down in front of the computer to finally get back to the emails I started 16 hours ago.  Get caught up on the blog and see what’s going on in Twitter land.  Sometime around midnight, I pass out on the couch still fully clothed.

2:00 – Wake up with horrible neck pain.  Crawl up the stairs and into bed.  Look at the clock on my phone so that I’m reminded that I will be back up in 4 hours to do it all over again.

Rinse. Lather.  Repeat.

5 responses

  1. Where do you find the energy to make it through the day? My oldest son is playing his first year of football in the middle school. I can’t believe the grueling schedule. I imagine as an athletic director you have a similar schedule. Then to come home to family life……I need a nap thinking about it! *GRIN*

    2012/08/19 at 12:03 pm

  2. Wow. You certainly keep busy!

    2012/08/19 at 2:51 pm

  3. Busy Mama!! I feel you. I literally set a few alarms to drag out of bed to get myself fully awake before the craziness starts with my 3 girls!! You are rocking it!!

    2012/08/19 at 2:55 pm

    • I’ve thought about setting an alarm to be up and going before the kiddo gets up, but the days I have, she ends up sleeping in. I swear she’s psychic.

      2012/08/19 at 5:10 pm

  4. I hated being woken up by my kids and starting the day according to their schedule. Once they were old enough to be a little more consistent, it got easier to just get up earlier and enjoy some peace and quiet. Now they know that I don’t help with anything until I’ve at least finished my coffee – and sometimes they remember.

    I totally see why you need every minute of sleep you can get – busy busy.

    2012/08/21 at 11:30 am

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