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My 5 Must Have Pieces of Workout Equipment – August Blogging Challenge – Aug. 20th

In my ideal world, I would have an entire floor of my house devoted to fitness equipment.  State of the art cardio equipment, my own personal yoga studio, a kick ass weight area, big screen tvs and kicking sound systems when I want to pop in a video or get some angry ass kicking tunes going, and of course, my own personal trainer who is preferably male, attractive, and only speaks enough English to tell me how beautiful I am.  Until then, I’m limited to what the budget allows, so here are the 5 items I couldn’t live without.

1. A good pair of running shoes

I cannot stress this one enough.  As an athletic trainer, I see so many injuries that stem from poorly fitting shoes or shoes that are past their prime.  If there’s one item to splurge on, this would be it. Also, Cute ≠ Good.    It’s definitely worth it to go to a running store and get fitted properly for shoes.  Even if you’re not a runner, but plan on spending lots of time in the gym, a good pair of shoes, especially if you’ll be jumping around in group fitness classes will help keep injuries at bay.

2. GPS Watch

I swore I’d never be that runner.  You know, the one that shows up to races with all the latest gadgets. Then I started training for my first half marathon.  I’d spend a good half hour mapping out a run only to forget which road to turn down or exactly where the quarter-mile splits fell on my interval days.  I trained for a whole half without one.  Now I wonder how I ever survived.  I’d be lost without my Garmin Forerunner 305 when I’m out doing a long run, speed training, or trying out a new route.  I don’t wear it for every run, but it’s been a wonderful these last few years.

3. Foam Roller

I have date nights with my foam roller.  Pour a glass of wine, pop in a movie, and give it some quality bootie time.  I’m serious.  I love my foam roller.  If Republicans would just accept that love between a woman and piece of foam can exist without destroying the institution of marriage, I would probably marry it.  My relationship with mine is kind of like something out of 50 Shades.  It hurts so good, but I keep going back for more.  I have named mine Christian for that reason.  Except my Christian is white and not Grey.

4. Stability Ball

This may be one of the most versatile pieces of equipment I own.  It can double as a bench for many exercises as well as add that something extra to an ab workout.  Push ups on the ball?  Yes, please!!  jackknife?  Heck yeah!!

5. Jump Rope

This is just not for little kids.  Break that sucker out if you haven’t in years.  It’s a great cardio workout, and you can take it anywhere.  I love to throw mine in my suitcase when I’m travelling.  That way if that so promised workout room turns out to double as a dungeon or I’m not in a place where going out for a quick run isn’t the safest bet, I can still get a workout in while on the road.  I”ll also get a good jumping session in on the deck while the kiddo is in bed.  Plus your kids will think you’re super cool when you do a double under.

3 responses

  1. great list! I would say my only must have would be the GPS watch. That thing, wow. Is so useful. I also don’t use it for every run, but at least 99%. And yes, I do need shoes as well, but I have done a few grass barefoot runs and cool downs, while wearing the GPS watch 🙂

    2012/08/20 at 10:24 pm

    • A few weeks ago I was leading up a group training run and we were doing some speed work. We finished up with some strides in the grass. Out of habit I took off my shoes. My runners were seriously confused and slightly horrified. I had to reassure them that shoes were optional.

      2012/08/20 at 10:39 pm

      • ha barefoot grass strides are the best thing ever

        2012/08/20 at 10:43 pm

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