Running Dirty. Eating Clean. Loving Life.

Highlight of the Week – August Blogging Challenge – Aug. 23rd

I’m really thankful for this post today.  It’s  been a long few weeks at work.  I’m mentally and physically exhausted from the long hours and trying to juggle everything.  I’m also not working out as much.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a pleasant person to be around if I’m not getting in my daily visits to the gym.  It’s easy to forget the little joys in life and start dwelling on the negative when things get  crazy.

  But one great thing did happen to me this week.  The owner of the gym I workout at asked me to submit my resume because she’s interested in hiring me on as one of their personal trainers.  It would be just myself and an older male trainer offering our services to this club.  The manager has been trying to get me on board for quite a while now, but it’s always been poor timing or something came up that got in the way.  But it finally looks like everything is falling nicely into place.  My daughter will be starting preschool in a few weeks, so I’ll have some down time in the mornings to train.  It’s also convenient located about 5-10 min from both my house and the high school.  I can easily run over there for a quick training session on my dinner breaks or after I get done at the school for the day.   I’ve been looking to branch out a bit and start working towards becoming more independent in my training.  I’m hoping this gets me started in the right direction!


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