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What Do You Eat Before a Race? – August Blogging Challenge – Aug. 26th

Today’s topic from the Fitness Cheerleader is what we eat before a workout.  When I saw this was the topic for today I had to laugh.  I’d woken up to probably one of the most honest first emails I’d ever received from someone on an online dating site.  A single running male, looking for a single running female had sent me this as his “Hi how are you? Want to get know each other better?” introduction email.


How are you this evening. That is pretty awesome to find someone else that loves to run too. I really enjoy it and am learning something new everyday. I am training for an ultra right now and am finding it hard to figure what foods work for me. I ran a half this morning and tried a peanut butter on wheat bread……Ya didnt go so good. I ended up throwing up on the course today. Any advice would be appreciated.

There’s nothing sexier than gazing lovingly into your date’s eyes over wine and a nice dinner discussion GI distress.  For most women, this would be a major turn off.  However, anyone that has spent 5 minutes talking to a runner knows that we are more than open about the inner workings of our digestive system.  That wad of TP in my sports bra is not there to make my boobs look bigger.

Before most workouts, I’m pretty happy to eat whatever happens to be quick and easily accessible before a workout.  Left over Birthday cake? Sure.  Pizza and beer?  Carb loading.  But on race day, I am a little more cautious of what I eat.  My usual race day breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal with some dry toast and black coffee.  I usually eat this a few hours before my race.  I’ll snack on a banana or a bagel with peanut butter on the car or bus ride over to make sure I don’t end up starving mid race.  Lots of complex carbs to keep me fueled for the race along with fiber and caffeine to help stimulate the digestive track PRE-race.  So far, this meal has worked for me.

Post race, I still expect there to be Nutty Rolls at the finish line.

One response

  1. Haha well at least you know the guy is actually a runner, and honest!

    I don’t normally eat before morning workouts, and I don’t pay much attention to what I eat before afternoon workouts (so long as it’s not immediately beforehand). I’m trying to decide on my ideal pre-race breakfast at the moment! I tried a Poptart the other week (the first time I’d ever eaten one), and I actually won the race, but it was a short race – I don’t think they’d work so well for longer races!

    2012/08/28 at 2:21 am

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