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My Pre- and Post-Workout Routine – September Blogging Challenge – Day1

Ok, so I’m a little late getting to the party this month.  With school starting, and my lazy summer schedule turning into a juggling act with working afternoons and evenings at the high school, days training at the gym, leading up group runs 4 times a week, and trying to stay ahead of Snooki in the mother of the year rankings, blogging has taken a backseat.  My goal had been to keep the blogging streak going and show the September Blogging Challenge who was boss.  Oops.  So here it goes, me playing catch up as usual.  Day 1….

I don’t have much of a running routine.  I throw on some running clothes, grab my Spibelt and sunglasses, lace up the shoes, and head out the door.  If I’m going to trail run, I do all this except I’ll hop in my car and drive to one of my favorite trails as well.  When I get home, I stretch, hop on Facebook to brag about my run, and then hop in the shower.  I was going to write a book about my normal routine, but then I realized that it could all be summed up into a few sentences.

Gym days really aren’t that much different.  I can’t go to the gym on an empty stomach, so if it’s later in the morning or mid afternoon before I make it out, I’ll grab a quick snack.  Once I get to the gym, my routine goes a little something like this:

1. Sit and chat with the front desk staff.  Realize I’m going to be late to my fitness class if I don’t get a move on.

2. Run upstairs and get changed.

3. Run back to my locker about 4 times to grab things I’ve forgotten and store things I don’t really need.

4.  Run into a member or one of the fitness staff members and chat.

5. Realize that the class I was going to drop in on started 10 minutes ago.

6. Go back to chatting with staff or member mentioned in #4.

7.  Run back to my locker to grab what I’ll need for my warm up on the bike.

8. Run back to my locker at least 2 more times to grab everything.

9.  Hop on bike and cut 15 minutes off what I had planned on doing so that I’ll have enough time to get a quick lift in.

10.  Wipe down bike, grab my belongings, and head back to my locker to stash my things and grab my lifting gear.

11.  Get sidetracked by a coworker hanging out in the office where my locker is.

12.  Check the clock.  If I have enough time, I’ll do about half the weight program I’d planned on for that day.

13.  Check the clock again.

14. Realize I have 30 seconds until I hit my 2 hour limit at the gym childcare. Sprint towards the stairs.

15.  Run into a client that has questions about their training schedule.  Answer their questions and chat for a bit.

16.  Sprint into the childcare room 6 minutes late.

17.  Get written up for being 6 minutes late.

18.  Collect my child and head home.

19.  Stop for ice cream since I earned it.


Actual time spent at the gym, 2 hrs and 6 min.  Actual time spent working out 35 minutes tops.


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