Running Dirty. Eating Clean. Loving Life.

I Need New Friends and Family

I’ve been holding off on this big announcement, mostly because I’m in denial that I even agreed to this in the first place, but drumroll please, I’m signed up for my first ultramarathon at the end of the year.   The Huff 50k.  A pleasant little 32ish mile trail run through the woods at Chain O’ Lakes State Park in Abion, Indiana.  It’s also on December 29th.  Why am I doing this as my first ultra?????

Answer:  Because my friends and family are enablers.  All of them.  My friend Audra has been wearing my down on this one for a while.  She has a room booked at a local B&B for us to share along with her tri coach.  Can’t pass up cheap lodging and good food.  My mom is currently checking the travel vouchers they received when they were trapped in Amsterdam to see if any are transferable to help with airfare.  Not yet has anyone told me I’m an idiot for signing up to do this.  This is why I need new friends and family.  Mine suck.  They are way to supportive and positive.  So I’m hoping that someone here will talk me out if this insanity.  Anyone want to be my new best friend?????


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