Running Dirty. Eating Clean. Loving Life.

My Typical Weekly Workout Schedule

Getting back on the September blogging challenge bandwagon, today’s blog topic was supposed to be day #4.  It’s now day 20.  Oops.  But now that I’ve finally figured out a routine of sorts (ok, let’s be honest, I just wing it most of the time), I’m back in the game.  So what does my weekly workout schedule look like?  Good question.  I should probably make one.

Like everything else, I just kind of wing it.  I try to fit workouts in where I can.  I’d love to have a more set schedule, but with work, being a single parent, and all of the other curve balls life likes to throw at you, it’s difficult to anticipate what a day, let alone a whole week or month will look like.  I do try to fit in at least 5-6 quality runs a week along with 3-5 days of some kind of strength training.  Usually I just do whatever sounds good that day.  So in a perfect world, my weekly schedule may look a little something like this…

Sunday – 7am running group at the Y (this I know I will do weekly since I’m getting paid to be there).  Usually an easy 5-6 miles

10:30 – Hip Hop Hustle.  Some days I just stick around the Y and workout between my run and class.  Some days I chill at Panera

11:30 – BodyPump

Monday – I’ll try to catch a quick workout before meeting my morning and evening clients. Mondays are traditionally leg days.

Tuesday – Hit the gym while the kiddo is at school.  If I’m feeling motivated, I’ll run there and back.  Do some back, shoulder, and    arm work for a while.  Usually I just end up going back to bed.

Wednesday – Morning run with wonder pup and then speed work at the Y in the evening (once again, getting paid to run, yay!!)

Thursday – Another gym day.  Usually a HIIT workout.  If I get home early enough from work, I take the dog out for a quick run.

Friday – This is my hell day at work.  I’m up at 5:30 to pick my kiddo up from her dad’s to take her to school.  I try to get a quick workout in before I have to meet my usual Friday morning client for a training session.  If I don’t, the day is a bust, since it’s usually 10 or 11pm before I’m off for the day.

Saturday – Try to get up early for a couple of hour run before leading my learn to run group at 9am.  If I’m good, I’ll try to get to the store by 7am to get in about 2 hours before taking the group out.  Most weekends I’m lucky if I get in a good 7-8 miles before.  Saturdays are my long run day, so whatever I don’t get in the morning, I have to make up at night.  Yay!!!


So there you have it, a normal week in the life.  If I’m feeling adventurous, I may throw in a class or two here and there at the gym. If I don’t get at least a good 30-60 minutes in daily, I become a raging bitch (just ask my ex).  Apparently there is a rumor going around that I have a room out back at the Y.  So I love the gym.  Sue me!!


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