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Foodie Penpals Reveal for October


My box full of goodies!


I love getting mail, especially when it’s a box full of food.  I started participating as a Foodie Penpal arranged by Lindsey at The Lean Green Bean last month.  After being disappointed by not getting anything the first month, I was very excited this month when my package came from Nancy at My Picadillo full of goodies to make some of her favorite Cuban recipes.  In the box, I found:

  • 2 bags of black beans
  • a bag of rice
  • a bottle of extra virgin olive oil
  • a jar of guava preserves (OMG they’re delicious!!!)
  • a bag of Gilda crackers
  • Cuban coffee
  • her recipe for frijoles negros

I can’t wait to make the frijoles negros later this week.  Fall will be coming back with a vengeance after a beautiful week of summer like weather, so I will be looking for foods that will warm me up.   At Nancy’s suggestion, I tried the crackers with some cream cheese and the guava preserves as my snack today.  They really hit the spot between clients at work. 

Thanks Nancy for all the wonderful goodies!!

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