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Georgia on My Mind

I got some exciting news from my little sis this week. She was offered the job at in Atlanta she’d been interviewing for.  Now most sisters would be happy for the opportunities in career advancement this would offer her.  Me, I’m happy this means I’ll be able to check another state off the race map as soon as I come up with the airfare (only about $250 roundtrip!!)  Instead of my fall marathon/ultra for next year being between Chicago, Twin Cities, Whistlestop (Ashland, WI), Quad Cities, Wild Duluth and Surf the Murph, I’m now looking at either the Rock’n’Roll Savannah Marathon or the North Face Endurance Challenge in Atlanta.  It’s hard being a runner.  So many races, so little time.  I’m sure I’ll find more races down in her neck of the woods to add to the bucket list as well.  Better get running if I want to survive next year’s races!!

One response

  1. Ooooh…Savannah beats Atlanta any day! It is one of the most gorgeous cities ever.

    Erin –

    2012/10/04 at 7:07 pm

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