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Look How Far You’ve Come! – November Blogging Challenge #3

 What would you tell a friend who wanted to quit?

This is the question that Lisa @ She’s Losing It! posted for today’s blogging challenge.  So what would you say to that friend?  We’ve all been there.  It would be so easy to quit and walk away every time a challenge stood in your way.  But where would you be if you always gave up?  It’s taking those challenges head on that made you the person you are today. 

So when a friend or one of my training clients or one of my runners is ready to throw in the towel, I remind them to look back and see just how far they have already come.  This can be as simple as looking back at an old photo and seeing that change in appearance from losing the weight.  With my personal training clients, I encourage all of them to do a health and fitness assessment with me before starting on their fitness journey.  I don’t do this because I love torturing people with the scale, skin calipers, and my stopwatch.  It’s because I know that at some point there is a good chance they will hit that plateau.  And when they do, we’ll do another assessment where I pull out those old results and show them just how far they have come in that time.  We often miss those little day-to-day changes, so having it there in front of them just how many pounds or inches they lost, how much their blood pressure has dropped, or how much their strength and fitness has improved will hopefully help them out of that rut and give them that motivation to keep going on. 

So look back at those old race times or Dailymile journal entries when running 2 miles felt like cruel and unusual punishment.  Try to remember that old self that had a hard time making it up the stairs at work without having to stop and catch their breath or who would grab fast food on the way home instead of taking the time to prepare a healthy fresh meal for your family.  And yes, we are all works in progress, but look at how far you have come, not how far you have left to go.



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  1. You’re so right – people constantly forget how far they have come. It’s good you are able to remind them.

    2012/11/06 at 10:21 am

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