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What’s on Your Playlist? – Jan. 30th

Last night, one of my fellow running coaches invited a guest speaker to speak to our running classes about cadence, or how quickly the feet hit the ground.  The speaker was a physical therapist and fellow runner who had done quite a bit of studying up on how changing a runners cadence can not only make them quicker, but also reduce the risk of injury.  I’ll leave all this wonderful info for another post, however the moral of the story was that 180 is the magic number to strive for when running.  Now you could always run to a metronome to achieve the perfect cadence, or you could just find some great tunes with a similar bpm to rock out to while pounding away the miles on the treadmill. is a great site to find music that fits into the range you’re looking for.  Just enter in 7:00 for your mile time and up pop hundreds of songs with the rhythm that will get you speeding up those footsteps.  

As a new weekly feature on the blog, Wednesdays will now be What’s on Your Playlist? day.  Have a favorite tune to get you going at the gym?  Share it with the rest of us so we can keep those feet and ears happy.


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