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Foodie Penpals

Foodie Pen Pals for Sandy Relief

Over the past few months, I’ve participated in the foodie pen pal program through the Lean Green Bean.  This month, instead of spending money to buy food items to send to our pen pals, she has asked that we donate that money to Hurricane Sandy relief.  If you’d like to get involved, click on the button below.

The Lean Green Bean

November Foodie Penpal Reveal

The past few months, I’ve been participating in the Foodie Pen Pal program organized by Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean.  After a few months of ending up empty-handed, I was really excited to come home one day and find a package from Sarah full of goodies from her home state of Colorado.

Stuffed full of goodies

Stuffed full of goodies

I had a great time unpacking the box to discover all the goodies she’d sent me.

Nov Foodie Penpal

In the box, I found a bag of  Archer Farms Pecan Sticky Bun Granola from Target, Korma Curry Powder, Corn Chips with flax-seed from one of the local health food stores, almond butter, Celestial Seasonings Fruit Tea Sampler, a peach Greek yogurt granola bar, Ghirardelli hot cocoa and peppermint stir sticks, white chocolate chai, a seasoning packet, and some homemade spiced nuts (eaten before I could snap a pic).  The granola, hot cocoa, curry and almond butter are some of her favorite things that she wanted to share.  The spice mix is from a spice shop one of her coworkers owns (and really good on potatoes!!!).  The stirrers are made in Denver. They went so good with the hot cocoa mix!!  The chai was from her favorite chai place.  It was the perfect treat one chilly night while sitting by the fireplace.  The tea is made in Boulder.  I love Celestial Seasonings tea!!  I always throw a bag or two in my med kit for nights I have to work hockey and need something hot to drink.  The fruit sampler is one of my favorites.  I haven’t had a chance to try the curry yet, but everything else was so yummy.  Most of the box has disappeared already.  Thanks Sarah for all the wonderful treats!!


Enjoying the hot chocolate and peppermint stirrer

This month I sent my package to Lyndi at The Journey.  Click here to see what all I sent her way. If you’re interested in being a foodie pen pal, click on the link on my homepage.  Instead of sending food gifts to each other this month, Lindsay is asking the pen pals to donate the money they would normally spend on their food gifts to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. If you’d like to donate, click here for more information.


Foodie Penpals Reveal for October


My box full of goodies!


I love getting mail, especially when it’s a box full of food.  I started participating as a Foodie Penpal arranged by Lindsey at The Lean Green Bean last month.  After being disappointed by not getting anything the first month, I was very excited this month when my package came from Nancy at My Picadillo full of goodies to make some of her favorite Cuban recipes.  In the box, I found:

  • 2 bags of black beans
  • a bag of rice
  • a bottle of extra virgin olive oil
  • a jar of guava preserves (OMG they’re delicious!!!)
  • a bag of Gilda crackers
  • Cuban coffee
  • her recipe for frijoles negros

I can’t wait to make the frijoles negros later this week.  Fall will be coming back with a vengeance after a beautiful week of summer like weather, so I will be looking for foods that will warm me up.   At Nancy’s suggestion, I tried the crackers with some cream cheese and the guava preserves as my snack today.  They really hit the spot between clients at work. 

Thanks Nancy for all the wonderful goodies!!