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Black Friday – Dirty Girl Running Style

If you want to see me have an anxiety attack, take me shopping on Black Friday.  Irrational deal seekers, lacking basic parking lot navigation skills in mass quantities is something out of a horror movie.  Zombies I can handle.  An espresso-ed out soccer mom trying to get her hands on the last Wii U, you better stay out of the way of those perfectly french manicured nails unless you really love wearing a pirate patch every single day.  So I avoid shopping on black Friday at all costs.  Unless there is a running deal to be found.

So while the rest of America was camping out in the cold for a cheap tv, I was at home, snuggled up on my couch with a fire and glass of wine registering for next year’s races.  FrontRunner, a company that hosts several races in Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as the White Bear Grand Prix, a series I was an age group winner in a few times a couple of years back, offers half off all their races black Friday until Cyber Monday.  At $15 a pop for distances ranging from 5k to 10 miles, this is just too good a deal to let pass on by.  Not only do they host the Grand Prix, but they also put on two of the races in the UMTR trail series, the Chippewa 10k and William O’Brien 10 mile.  So I may not have any gifts bought yet for my daughter, but my 2013 racing calendar is coming along nicely.

I might have also bought myself a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor.  I was given the task of selling them during the YMCA black Friday sale today at work.  My brainwashing worked a little too well, since I ended up replacing the one I seem to have misplaced.  But at the end of the day, all my races and watch were still less than a 32″ flat screen tv.  I think I did pretty good on my black Friday shopping spree!

SWF Searching for Long Term Running Partner. Can’t Be Afraid to Get a Little Dirty. – November Blogging Challenge #8

When I first started running, it was on the high school track team.  I wasn’t really a runner.  I just wanted to get in shape for the summer soccer season.  I could run and was okay at it, but I’d much rather be goofing off with my teammates on the soccer field.  So I joined the track team.  Low and behold, I started to love running.  I loved running with the team.  We gossiped and chatted about boys.  We would belt out songs while running down the road and play silly games.  In the off-season, I could run on my own, but it was the group that kept me motivated to keep running. (more…)

Toenails are Overrated

If there was ever an argument against barefoot running, it would have to be “Have you ever looked at a runner’s feet?!?!?!”  They’re disgusting.  Blisters, calluses, blisters under calluses, and yes, a missing toenail or two.  Nastier still, runners brag about losing toenails.  It’s like a badge of honor.  I didn’t feel like a real runner until I lost my first toenail after the Monster Dash Half Marathon last fall.  How all my toenails survived 15+ years of running, a marathon, and a handful of halves at the point, I have no idea.  So when I walked away from the KC Marathon this weekend without the slightest hint of black creeping up under one of my toenails, I wasn’t sure to be ecstatic or sad that yet another marathon passed without being able to brag about my ugly feet.  So why do runners lose their toenails?  And why hasn’t Bill Nye the Science Guy tackled this question?  Or CSI? (more…)

Georgia on My Mind

I got some exciting news from my little sis this week. (more…)

Happy Autumnal Equinox!!

Pine Tree Lake at Pine Tree Apple Orchard

Yesterday was the first official day of fall.  I kicked it off with an early trail run on a crisp morning with a group of trail vets I’d met on Facebook.  Head lamps in place, we took off for an easy 10 miler through Lebanon Hills Regional Park.  I followed up yesterdays lovely trail run with an easy 6 down along the river through the fog with the running group I lead up Sunday mornings at the local YMCA. Really, I can’t think of a better way to welcome the cooler air, beautiful fall colors, and post run pumpkin spice lattes than with a couple of great runs.

Check that.  I can think of one way.  An afternoon at one of the local apple orchards with my mom and daughter.  My daughter, like most 4 year olds, loves fall.  To her, fall is playing in the leaves, carving pumpkins, picking apples, and trick or treating. On the cool, dreary days, we spend hours together in the kitchen, whipping up some new recipe using pumpkins, squash, apples, and other goodies from the local fall harvest.  Cookies, cakes, breads, soups, you name it, she’s right next to me as my mini-sous chef.

Nothing says fall like steel-cut oats with apples and a skim pumpkin latte from Panera

To celebrate fall and all the (healthy) deliciousness that is has to offer, I’ll be posting a new fall inspired recipe everyday in the month of October.  31 days of Fall Flavors.  Tonight, I’m excited throw some steel-cut oats in the crock pot with a couple of the McIntosh apples we picked up today at the orchard.  Look forward to this recipe and others in the coming weeks.


My First Official Trail Marathon – 2013 North Country Trail Marathon

That is some serious bling!

Here I am posting about signing up for the Fargo Marathon, and I totally realized that I hadn’t spilled the beans yet on my other marathon (so far) for 2013.  A few weeks ago, the North Country Marathon in Manistee, MI was offering its Twitter followers early entry into its races as well as some amazing swag for being one of the first to sign up.  If you notice on their website, 2013 registration isn’t even open yet.  Yeah, I’m that cool that I’m already in.  In addition to a finishers medal the size of my head (no really, 3rd largest in the country for marathons), a race t-shirt, and visor, they’ll be hooking me up with a training singlet, running shorts, and a jacket with my name on it.  What can I say, I’m a girl.  Give me clothes, and I’m in.  Another huge draw is that there is camping just down the road if you get there early enough.  I’m all for free lodging.  In fact, I may even rent out the last two spots in my tent to some lucky folks.  You can pay me in post race beers.  Door access if it’s an import or microbrew.  Come join me on the trails next August.  With a half, a full, and an ultra, there’s a race for everyone.

My Typical Weekly Workout Schedule

Getting back on the September blogging challenge bandwagon, today’s blog topic was supposed to be day #4.  It’s now day 20.  Oops.  But now that I’ve finally figured out a routine of sorts (ok, let’s be honest, I just wing it most of the time), I’m back in the game.  So what does my weekly workout schedule look like?  Good question.  I should probably make one.