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Jump Rope Circuit

Always looking for new ways to torture myself, today I did a little playing around before my morning client at the gym.  So I might have actually been trying to find new ways to torture my client and was using myself as a guinea pig.  With only about 20 minutes to get in a decent workout, I went with one of my go to quick butt kicking workouts: a 50/10 HIIT workout.  If you’re not familiar with HIIT, it stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  Basically, you go all out on an exercise for the designated work phase and then take a short rest break before going back at it.  With a 50/10, you work your ass off for 50 seconds, then rest for 10 and repeat.  Today’s workout was just 20 minutes, but I felt like I was going to puke by the end. 

Equipment: jump rope, bench, smith machine, kettle bell (I went with 25 lb.), stopwatch or interval timer

Time: Set your interval timer to 20 rounds of 50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest for a total of 20 minutes

The Break Down:  Complete this circuit all the way through and repeat for 20 rounds total

Round 1 – jump rope







Round 2 – Incline push ups

Round 3 – jump rope








Round 4 – Modified pull ups on the Smith Machine

Round 5 – jump rope










Round 6 – jump lunges

Round 7 – jump rope










Round 8 – suicide (or walk up) planks

Round 9 – jump rope






Round 10 – Kettlebell swings

Xtreme Sports Challenge Workout

When it’s 50 degrees in Minnesota in January, it’s a little hard to decide if you want to hit the beach or the slopes.  That inspired me to put together this little workout that uses moves inspired by the world of outdoor sports.  Today’s routine is a great cardio workout that really utilizes those large powerful muscle groups in the butt and legs.  You’re going to build fitness and power while toning up those thighs and glutes.  The break down of this workout has you running through the 6 exercises two times with the intervals set to 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.  After just 12 minutes of this workout, you’re going to be gassed.  I know that I was.

Exercises – 6

Rounds – 2

Interval Timer – 12 sets of 50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest

Total time – 12 minutes

Equipment – Interval timer


Surfer Burpees

Mountain Climber

Snow Boarder Jump Squats

Rock Climber Standing Crunch

Skater Lunges

Ski Abs

xtreme sports challenge break down

Xtreme Sports Challenge Break Down


Xtreme Sports Challenge Run Through

Xtreme Sports Challenge Run Through