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Running Get Lucky tomorrow? Hope to NOT See You There!

Behind every great race are amazing volunteers.  Those people who hand you cups of Powerade at the water stops?  Volunteers.  The medical personnel that treat your blisters, cramped calves, and chafed nipples? Volunteers.  The incredibly helpful and happy people at packet pick up that make sure you get your chip, t-shirt, and that all you have to do on race day is show up and run/walk?  Yep, they’re likely volunteers as well.  Having run numerous races, I’ve come to realize just how important volunteers are when it comes to having great race experience.


Yesterday evening was spent in Minneapolis at the packet pick up for the Get Lucky 7k and 21k (half marathon).  There’s just something about a race expo that gets me all pumped up to go out and run.  I love meeting other fellow runners, whether this is their first or 50th race.  Since this will be my first year not running the half marathon since it started, I love reminiscing about races of years past, like last year when we were running in shorts and tank tops thanks to record heat (seriously, it was 80 deg on St. Patty’s day last year.  In Minnesota.  I shit you not).  This year looks to be a little more winter like with snow predicted into tonight and temps in the 20s for race time.  Brrr!!!!

Put on by Team Ortho, over 10,000 runners are signed up to take to the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul tomorrow morning in their greenest St. Patrick’s Day running gear.  I will be volunteering at the finish line med tent for the half marathon (21k) tomorrow morning.  While I love chatting with other runners, I really really really hope not to see any of you there tomorrow, unless it’s grabbing a pint of Finnegans at the post race party!

For more information on how to become a volunteer for future Team Ortho events, click here.  They offer great incentives, like bones to collect and use on race entries and awesome gear, as well as free gear like the awesome t-shirt I snagged that I plan on wearing Sunday when I get my BodyShred instructor certification.  And ladies, the men of Women Rock are usually at the packet pick ups, providing lots of shirtless eye candy for your viewing pleasure at the Women Rock 10k and half marathon, which I ran last year.


Race Swag ❤

What’s on Your Playlist? – Jan. 30th

Last night, one of my fellow running coaches invited a guest speaker to speak to our running classes about cadence, or how quickly the feet hit the ground.  The speaker was a physical therapist and fellow runner who had done quite a bit of studying up on how changing a runners cadence can not only make them quicker, but also reduce the risk of injury.  I’ll leave all this wonderful info for another post, however the moral of the story was that 180 is the magic number to strive for when running.  Now you could always run to a metronome to achieve the perfect cadence, or you could just find some great tunes with a similar bpm to rock out to while pounding away the miles on the treadmill. is a great site to find music that fits into the range you’re looking for.  Just enter in 7:00 for your mile time and up pop hundreds of songs with the rhythm that will get you speeding up those footsteps.  

As a new weekly feature on the blog, Wednesdays will now be What’s on Your Playlist? day.  Have a favorite tune to get you going at the gym?  Share it with the rest of us so we can keep those feet and ears happy.


My Fitness Mentor – November Blogging Challenge #10

This weekend was a bit nuts, and I’ve fallen way behind on the blogging.  Nothing like having to be up before 5 am for work on both Saturday and Sunday.  A normal person would look for a regular 9-5 job with weekends, holidays, and vacation time.  But I’m not a normal person, and having an actual set schedule sounds boring to me.  So Saturday morning was spent working at the YMCA, chatting with members and working on exercises plans for my regular clients.  Sunday was spent hanging out at a volleyball tryout for a club I provide athletic training services to.  Mostly I got caught up on my kindle free downloads and ate way too many donuts.  Hey, they were free.  So I’ll be spending the next few days getting caught up in between shifts at the gym, meeting with potential training clients, and freezing my butt of at high school hockey.  You wish your life were this glamorous. 

On Saturday, Lisa at She’s Losing It! wrote about her fitness mentor and wanted to know who our fitness mentor is.  Trying to think of someone who doesn’t read the blog since I don’t think anyone wants to take any credit for the craziness that’s ensued due to my love of fitness, I’m going to go with my high school track coach.  Actually, he’s probably the one to blame for a lot of my running related insanity.  He wasn’t the most sane guy himself.  He put up with a lot of crap from me during those 4 years of being a distance runner for my high school team.  Like me yelling how stupid running 8 laps around a track was, in the middle of the meet, each time I ran past the coaches area where he sat with his stop watch and clipboard, laughing and yelling out my splits.  I’m pretty sure at one meet I screamed at him that I hope I was never reincarnated as a hamster.  (more…)

SWF Searching for Long Term Running Partner. Can’t Be Afraid to Get a Little Dirty. – November Blogging Challenge #8

When I first started running, it was on the high school track team.  I wasn’t really a runner.  I just wanted to get in shape for the summer soccer season.  I could run and was okay at it, but I’d much rather be goofing off with my teammates on the soccer field.  So I joined the track team.  Low and behold, I started to love running.  I loved running with the team.  We gossiped and chatted about boys.  We would belt out songs while running down the road and play silly games.  In the off-season, I could run on my own, but it was the group that kept me motivated to keep running. (more…)

Toenails are Overrated

If there was ever an argument against barefoot running, it would have to be “Have you ever looked at a runner’s feet?!?!?!”  They’re disgusting.  Blisters, calluses, blisters under calluses, and yes, a missing toenail or two.  Nastier still, runners brag about losing toenails.  It’s like a badge of honor.  I didn’t feel like a real runner until I lost my first toenail after the Monster Dash Half Marathon last fall.  How all my toenails survived 15+ years of running, a marathon, and a handful of halves at the point, I have no idea.  So when I walked away from the KC Marathon this weekend without the slightest hint of black creeping up under one of my toenails, I wasn’t sure to be ecstatic or sad that yet another marathon passed without being able to brag about my ugly feet.  So why do runners lose their toenails?  And why hasn’t Bill Nye the Science Guy tackled this question?  Or CSI? (more…)