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SWF Searching for Long Term Running Partner. Can’t Be Afraid to Get a Little Dirty. – November Blogging Challenge #8

When I first started running, it was on the high school track team.  I wasn’t really a runner.  I just wanted to get in shape for the summer soccer season.  I could run and was okay at it, but I’d much rather be goofing off with my teammates on the soccer field.  So I joined the track team.  Low and behold, I started to love running.  I loved running with the team.  We gossiped and chatted about boys.  We would belt out songs while running down the road and play silly games.  In the off-season, I could run on my own, but it was the group that kept me motivated to keep running. (more…)


Trail Runners vs. Road Runners

Trail Runners vs. Road Runners

New to trail running?  Have someone in your life that needs a 12 step program to cure them of their trail running addiction?  Here’s a great article to read over your Saturday morning comparing your average trail runner to your average road runner.  I agree with everything in there, especially the one about the calves and glutes.  I knew that being built like a Dutch speed skater would come in handy for something.